Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Why do people do this to themselves? Because they can? I'm still amazed at the efforts of these two guys, and also a little inspired... so much so that I challenged Col to do the Working Week Series 8 hours next year as Solos...I'm sure sense will prevail soon.

near-death experience

Chris Eatough (right) sits in the first aid tent after the 24 Hour Solo World Championship, with an I.V. in his arm, while medics treat Australia's Craig Gordon for severe dehydration following Gordon's win in the epic battle.

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Maria Fuentes said...

My husband is always going on about you brettok, i cant shut him up! He is always going on about you keep talking about bicycles even though you never ride, and now he has fears of you putting on weight and your health deminishing.
Although your love handles turn myself on, its just not cool in todays society.