Friday, November 03, 2006


Lollapalooza it ain't. A small turnout added to the laid back feel of the race and the weekend. And if there's only ten riders in your grade, you're top-tennin' that shit.

It doesn't go as fast as I thought it would. 110? My car can do that.

This guy gave us bogus directions to the race then kept following me around saying he wanted to be in the blog. Not happening. And stop calling me.

Freemo ran one SPD and one flat to aid cornering on the predominantly right hand turn oriented track. It was working until it stopped working, costing him the race, and any semblance of credibility he may have been clinging to.

There were some wankers there who thought they were a team of some sort, but only one of them could ride. The other one finished ahead of me too. I can't ride.

There they are, told ya! *Guess which one can ride. **Now look at the other one. I can't ride.

*Did you guess which one can ride? Yes, it's the guy taking a crap in his knicks!
**I think the other one might be a woman.

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phil ligett said...

It's refreshing to see such intelligent and informative reportage of cycling events. I'd expect nothing less from a highly respected cycling journalist such as Mr Kennedy. Many suitors have vied for the affections of the cruel mistress of the pen, few have won her heart. Sir Kennedy can truly lay claim to the title "Wank de plume". Ever since Ugh the cave man took an irregularly shaped rock and carved it into a fully working writing implement man has strived to fully reach the limits of self expression through the written word. That limit has now been reached...and surpassed, by the master himself. I know in my heart that we will see great things from "El Capitan de Bretto" as the passionate Basque people of northern Spain call him. All hail the future of cycling journalism.