Thursday, August 10, 2006

Positive tension

No, not the Bloc Party song (cracker). The tension I've witnessed among the users of the Bicycling magazine forums. This internet mouth-off site is frequented mainly by Americans, and they really are a funny bunch, aren't they! I've spent hours this week pissing myself laughing at some of their conspiracy theories as to how Lloyd Flanders could've possibly tested positive for testosterone. Even Landis himself is starting to crack me up with his ever-changing 'explanations' as to how he could've returned the 11:1 T/E ratio. JUST ADMIT IT, you got caught, the whole peloton is doping, you were just too stupid not to get busted. And while you're spilling the beans, Floyd, how about dragging ol' one-ball down with you...that'd be the most 'positive result' to come out of the whole sorry affair in my books.


Lance Armstrong said...

Brett, I'm an American. I know for a fact that Landis is not a drug cheat. There is no conspiracy behind Floyds test result. The simple explanation is his enormous balls. Luckily for me one of my balls fell victim to cancer or my testosterone levels would have been over the moon. As it is the ball I have left is larger than the combined size of most healthy pairs of testicles. I resent being called "one ball". As I've just explained a more apt name would be "big ball". A mans balls are his temple. Instead of accusing poor floyd of cheating we should be worshipping his mighty balls!! HAIL FLOYD!!! PRAISE HIS BALLS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brett, You have openly stated that the whole peloton is doping, so what exactly is your problem with Armstrong? Is it just your adherence to the Aussie tradition of cutting down tall poppies? Or is it blatant yank bashing? Or are you Jealous?
Assuming that the whole peleton is doping, and was when Armstrong Won, then isn't it a level playing field for the top riders/teams? So under these circumstances, the rider who comes out on top would be the one with the most effectve combination of natural talent in climbing/time-trialing, team support, fitness, preparation, motivation, agressiveness, tactics, etc. Do you honestly believe that Armstrong would not have won if ALL the riders were clean instead of gym junkies?

Also, If the whole the peteton is doping, why should Landis come clean? Did he not win on a level playing field?

brettok said...

Anon (name?)....yes. I think Armstrong still would have won a few Tours, but maybe he had the better drugs or ways of hiding it....he certainly had the most money behind him, and also Dr Ferrari, who openly stated that he thought EPO wasn't harmful and that riders should use any means to gain an advantage. As for Yank bashing, well, I liked Floyd, if you read some of my posts during the Tour you will see praise for him, and I'd tipped him to win before the race started (after Ullrich and Basso were pulled out)'s more the US fans I see on the net who are so blind in their Lance/Floyd worship that get to me. Lance always was an asshole though, I've never liked him, even though I respect his talent on the bike. I think Floyd should come clean as did Millar, and Manzano, and Meirhaeghe, and Chiotti can only help his cause in the end. As for winning on a level playing feild, if he hadn't taken TOO MUCH testosterone, then that would've been a level playing feild...but he went too far, and paid the price. Anyway, it was a great Tour regardless. Thanks for reading....whoever you are!