Friday, August 04, 2006

Havin' a crack

I've been conned, convinced and/or cajoled into going down to Canberra on the weekend with Scotty and Deano (who will wrap up the Masters Pairs title) for the Working Week Series 8 hour finale. Trouble is (for moi), that I'll be partnerless...yeah, I'm having a tilt at my first solo 8. Not really that enthusiastic...yeah, I want to do a solo 8, but nah, not in August, in Canberra. It's not Antarctica, but you can feeeel it from there.

In hopping news, Tomkinson won the 3rd round of the National Trials series last weekend in the same frosty locale. The lad is hitting form at the right time, i.e. for the Worlds later this month in Rotorua. And he still managed to put the hurt to me on our singlespeed jaunt in Glenrock on Monday arvo, flat pedals and all. Hop up, Tomky!

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freemo said...

Hey mate,

Dont worry about canberra, i will be there to whinge with you about how cold it is, just like last year.

by the way, keep your eye on NBN news tomorrow night. The wayne train and myself will be on there talking about trying to take out the 8 hr series in mens pairs, and how to avoid doing the washing up.