Thursday, August 24, 2006

Doper beats Legend

Like a vampire in the night, Hamilton rushes towards a meeting with Dr. Fuentes.

Ned, the original 'Specialized Boy', holds back the hands of time, then beats them into submission.

Interesting results from the Mt. Washington Hillclimb on the weekend. Two names that are famous for different reasons. The winner was one T. Hamilton, yes, that one; former teammate of a one-balled Texan, former teammate of a big-balled Mennonite, and a convicted drug cheat (who is still claiming his innocence, after a list of excuses that bordered on the comedic, and makes Landis look like he's a pillar of truth). In second place was a man known in the mountain biking world as 'The Lung'; famous for winning MTB World Cups as a 35 year old, winning X-Terra off-road triathlon World titles as a 40 something, and now as a 51 year old, beating everyone to the top of one of the toughest climbs in cycling anywhere in the world. Everyone except a man banned from international competition, but allowed to ride this non-sanctioned event. Ned Overend, you are a true legend, and an inspiriration to this rider who is getting on a bit too. May my lungs be half as efficient as yours.

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Lord Pinkerton Smythe said...

Lovely captions Brett. You've added a new level of sophistication to your blog. Bravo!!