Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beer of the Week

Grolsch. Is it just Dutch VB? No, I'd give that title to Heineken or Hollandia. This stuff has been brewed since 1615, so they should know what they're doing, and I reckon they do. Fairly crisp, a slight hint of a bitter aftertaste, but not as dirty tasting as the aforementioned brews. And you can get it in those cool bottles with the resealable rubber stopper cap, or go the cheap route with the standard cap (I did, coz it was only $45 a slab). Pretty good summer arvo beer, goes well with spicy foods, or cabanossi and cheese. Well that's what I did with it, and it went down pretty well... But I could've been mistaken, as I was very, very drunk.

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Russell Crowe said...

Grolsch is my favourite beer Brett. One night in L.A. I threw a garbage can at a reporter after 65 "Grolschies". Later on I punched a cop in the face for confiscating my Grolsch. He said I couldn't drink in the kids play ground!! Another time I threw a phone at a concierge, you probably saw that on t.v. I was drunk that night too!! 76 Grolsches!! Yep, Grolsch is a fine beer!! I'll kill you you worthless bastard!! I'll f'n kill ya!!! I'm Gladiator you prick!! Come over here!! I'll f'n flog ya!!!!!