Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tomkinson to hop for Oz!

Oh yes, yes indeed.... more congrats, this time to our favourite hopper, Tomkinson (aka Adam Kelly), who got the call up to represent Australia at the Mountain Bike World Champs in Rotorua NZ later this year in his chosen field of the hop (trials). Well played boy, well played. Only drawback being he has to pay his own way, otherwise it's a bit of a swim but I know he has what it takes to rise to the occasion and become school bully (or World Champ).

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Weilrenner said...

Oh hop can he hop. The man not only won the last round of the national "HOP" series, He also became hero of the day at the world 8hr championships held at Killingworth. With platform pedals and only the clothes on his back, plus a towel i beleive, He posted consistent fast lap times to put him and his 2 dodgy team-mates into 2nd place. Is there anything this man can't do. He's bike has been stolen and he's off to the WORLD "HOP" championships in around 6 weeks. If anyone is reading this; Is there anything we can do to help this true champion?