Monday, February 20, 2006

Lawler...the aftermath

Wow, what a night! Left Newcastle and 40km down the road Stefan says "I've forgotten my ID!" After deliberation, we turn around and retrieve it. Refuelling the car back in Newy, car won't start! Had left the lights on while refuelling. Got going, made it to Tank about 10.30, names not on door. No problem, in we go. Things went swimmingly from there. Richy turned up just as Lawler started, and for the next 4 hours we were taken on a magical journey through progressive, electro, tribal, tough, dark, twisted house music. It was the best set I've ever witnessed. Great club too, cool crowd and the hottest women ever. Met up with Rob Skew from Newcastle, and met a few of the guys and gals from ITM forums. All in all a top night. Read a great review by Lambretta here.

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