Sunday, February 12, 2006

Big Day In

Spent most of today on the lounge watching Channel V's Big Day Out coverage, the 'Big Day In'. Having not made it to the musical extravaganza, it was cool to check out what I missed, or didn't miss. The bands that caught my eye were The Magic Numbers (intelligent pop with delicious harmonies), Beasts Of Bourbon (can Tex's voice get any more gutteral?), Sleater Kinney (kinda cute indie chicks with twisted guitars and vocals spanning the range of the two aforementioned bands), Sarah Blasko (a voice to melt the polar ice-cap and gorgeous to boot, see pic below), and Iggy and The Stooges. It's funny and a little ironic that a 50 year old man is way cooler than most of the kids trying hard to pretend that they even know who the fuck he is. Shihad were rocking it hard as usual, but Jon Toogood's constant geeing up of the crowd was a little over the top and totally uneccessary as the crowd were going nuts anyway. there's a band I'm gonna have to check out...the hugest sound from a 3 piece you can imagine, with solid songs and lyrics to back it up. And some of the coolest/weirdest facial hair from the singer too. The Go Team never really grabbed my attention on the radio, but their set looked like the best fun ever, all the band and especially the lead singer (whose dance moves are the funkiest/craziest/sexiest ever) going nuts, as were the crowd. For what I thought looked a crap bill on paper, seemed like it had a lot to offer besides the predictably safe big names like the White Stripes and Franz Ferdinand et al. Now, back to the couch, only another 6 hours of coverage to go!

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