Thursday, February 09, 2006


Finally booked the flights to New Zealand tonight, $614 each! Holy shit, a week ago it was about 450...oh well, at least now there's a date so me and the Christch' can get organised. It's gonna be 2 weeks of riding hard and probably a little bit of partying hard... so many new beers to sample!

Gonna get some more road K's in tomorrow before work, Col is calling for "hills, hills, hills"... probably thinks he can beat me to the top again like like last week. Not gonna happen. And hopeless boy Nath needs to change his cassette onto another wheel after buckling his Ksyrium last sunday, so I've gotta stuff a chainwhip into my jersey pocket....should be comfortable.

Pretty quiet at work today, almost dead, then about 3.30 it went crazy. I'm sure these people wait outside until they've got a posse together and then invade. And they make sure they have the oldest, dirtiest, clapped out pieces of shit with them so they can spend $200 trying to "just get it runnin' again, mate"... Let it go!

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