Saturday, February 25, 2006

Friday night crash fest

Went out to Kooragang tonight to race the road, straight into B grade, pace a fair bit faster than with the vets, but still handled it fairly well. I just need to work on positioning and going with the right moves, then I'll have a shot I reckon. Good training for my goals later in the year on the MTB though. There was a good crash on the 2nd lap of our race, a guy went down hard on the left, and everyone (including me) looked over and there was nearly more carnage as a result. Some dickhead yelled at me to "look forward", so I told him to please mind his manners! After the race, having a chat with Neil, he commented how it was an awful sound, the sound of bikes and bodies hitting tar. No more than 2 seconds after he said it, the C grade sprint comes through and some poor kid hurls himself into the gutter at about 50kmh... the putrid smell of burning flesh stung our nostrils as I said "like that?"

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