Sunday, February 12, 2006

I don't hate the French...

...unless their name is Wenger, Henry or Pires. As expected after the 1-1 draw with Arsenal overnight, a barrage of whining came from the sour lemon faced French fuck Wenger about Bolton's so-called "tactics". Get over it you twat! Two wins and a draw for us this season against a side worth probably 10 times as much is good reason for him to be pissed. I'd love to see Big Sam just stroll over and nut him one! As for Henry and Pires, they are both great players, but come off like kindergarten kids if anyone so much as breathes on them or crumples their pretty maroon and gold shirts. I suppose they've got their millions to comfort them, while it's back to the salt mines for our boys on Monday. Vive le Wanderers!

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