Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things that make me go "aaaaaaaarrrrrggggh"

I've always held the belief that people are f#*ked. No matter where you go in the world, you you will always encounter people who need to get some Viagra eyedrops and take a long, hard look at themselves.
*White Rastas: is there a more pathetic creature? Usually middle class, public school educated, pot smoking reggae-listening wankers who pay $200 to get dreadlocks.
*Ipod owners: the next one of these tossers who steps out in front of me, either when I'm on my bike or in my car, gets run over. I love music, but I can't see the need to be listening to it ALL THE TIME! Walking to a bus, on a bus, there's just no need.
*Mobile phone users. Yes, I use one, but if I'm being served in a shop I refuse to answer it. I will walk away from the next arsehole who does this when I'm serving them, then when they finish I'll start dialling my own phone. Even worse are the ridiculous ring tones that these morons think are 'cute' or 'hip'.
*Vespas: Or any underpowered, overpriced piece-of-shit scooter that is ridden on any public road. Get the F*#K off there or get a bike that will do more more than 35kmh fully wound out. Usually ridden by Ipod wearing, mobile phone answering white goddamn rastas. Or...
*Emos: Kids have been dressing in black forever, it's not new or different. They used to be called Goths, before that Mods, so giving a new label to looking like death-warmed-up doesn't make it cool, just sad. Which is what they're about, I suppose.
**Cars with flower stickers on the back window. K man reminded me of these idiots. Usually young women, some older. Somewhere someone stuck these on their window and someone else thought that it looked cool, and so on and so on. The Oakley sticker of the 00's.

It's not all bad though.

*Chicks in short skirts and long boots: there seems to be a plethora of them in Wellington. Maybe they are 'Wellington boots'.
Cats (and dogs): much better than people, softer, fluffier and no opposable thumbs to operate Ipods, phones or scooters.
Bike riders: yeah, most of them are weirdos, but there are some good ones out there. I'm going riding with a few of them now. Not a dreadlock in sight.
Coffee: Ross got me hooked on it, the shop guys have kept me there.
Beer: better than coffee, see below.


Viv said...

Wow, I can't stand Vespas either. Sorry your blog was on random updates. You and I don't know each other and I'm not stalking you.

brettok said...

haha cool, i don't mind being stalked.

tomk said...

good to see the hate flows through you, nomatter where you are. Its amazing that we humans are so smart, yet so fucking dumb.

k man said...


YEAH ROADIES AND HAND SIGNALS - whats wrong with going CAR!

YEAH WEIGHT WEENIES - $1000 for 100 grams - I shit you not !

brettok said...

I love hate...