Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stepping Up

Rad Ross started his full factory ride with a good result in the first Norba race of the year,netting 3rd place in the time trial.

Good to see ya back on the dually too bro. Think you need to drop the seat though. And turn up for the presentation, you're a Pro now!

From Velo News..."Schnell and Craig missed the podium presentation because they were out riding McDowell's trails. While Craig is a mainstay on the national-series podium, Schnell's appearance would have been just his third. "We went for a ride to try to get in shape for tomorrow and we definitely missed it," said Schnell, who this winter was promoted from Trek's regional program to the factory squad; he joked that his absence would probably get him fired. "

He backed up with a 5th in the short track, but the XC didn't go so well. Here's his explanation, somewhat valid.
"Hey dude, thanks. Short track went decent too, finished on the box. Pipped Treefarm on the last lap. Largest ever short track field, a hundred something guys. Wish the XC went as well, forgot to bring my A-game and rode like a small child. Just felt like my tank was empty from the start. Guess I should have drank more beer, I only had one the night before..."

See kiddies, beer = success!

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Anonymous said...

hey bk

check out sydney 24 hr results. Deano got 2nd to Mat fleming in 100km race on the sat.


ps P.B. stands for porn boy AND pit bitch !!!!!