Friday, April 20, 2007

Back to Belmont....

...Wellington version, not Newcastle. My day off is usually spent at Makara, but this time I thought something different was in order, so it was up to Belmont Regional park, the Dry Creek loop to be precise.

I'd ridden it a few years ago, not the most exciting trail, but I kept on climbing up to the top of Boulder Hill for some great views back over Lower Hutt, and the harbour.
The Tasman was visible on the other side, and I wondered what was happening back home at that time...probably not fencing. There are some more exciting trails up there apparently, and I'll be checking them out in the weeks to come.
Last night I got a call from Marty for a night ride at Makara, so after belting home on the commuter we met up and had a blast... I'd forgotten how much fun night riding is. The view from the peak at night is amazing as well, and the stars were out, no wind, and a great ride back down Ridgeline.
More of that is in order for sure.


Anonymous said...

thought you might've spotted a stray sheep up there..... for company......


(actually.. pics remind me of pentland hills near edinburgh.)

K MAN said...

Spotted a sheep...? stuffed it in their camelbaks I bet -
whose the jolly swagman
who sat by the billabong
under the shade of a fluffy sheep tree
he sang as he wanked and waited for the sheep to fall,thinking,
if it wasn't for this boner I could do a pee.


Marty BACKstead said...

Howdy Bretto - It's Fullranger (orangutang) Flyshitface here.
I'd appreciate if you would stop using me in your fluffy livestock fetish blog. Sure I smashed it over the cobblestones but there are no sheep in France. Team CSC have filed a lawsuit against you and your Ugg Boot loving friends.
Stop living your dreams through me and get back to the paddocks big fella.
PS - Tell the Slug about me - Invertebrae's PUMP