Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I realised the other day that I have neglected to keep my "Beer of the Week" posts going since arriving in NZ, although my love of the liquid gold remains strong. And there are some good drops brewed here in the land of the long cold pint. Some glasses of beer pictured earlier today.

One of my favourite NZ brewers is Macs and in particular the Sassy Red bitter and Hop Rocker pilsener. The Hop Rocker was the beer Rad Ross took a liking to the night we met in Nelson, downing pints like a man possessed. We downed a few Sassys in Taupo too with the best Indian food ever. Hard to find it on tap in Wellington though, so the tipple of choice to accompany our attempts at playing pool at Murphy's Irish Bar is usually
Monteith's Original Ale. Their Pilsener isn't bad from the bottle either, but nowhere near as good as a James Squire. For a cheap case of drinkable stuff I go for Export Premium Dry, it says on the label it was judged "World's Best" but I don't really see how... maybe they had no taste buds or were very, very drunk.

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