Sunday, July 06, 2008

Strike a light!

Last night I got to see one of the best shows I've ever witnessed, thanks to my friend Magnus, a Stumpy rider who works at the Downstage Theatre. The show is called Elemental, by local percussion group Strike. These guys whack the living daylights out of drums, marimbas, pipes, cymbals, old car wheels and fenders, creating a sonic boom that resonates through your whole body. It was making my legs shake involuntarily at times. They also love playing with fire, and I thought the theatre might go up in smoke at any moment. Real cool. After the show I met up with Chris The Courier, AJ (another courier and international playboy!) and Aussie Mark and got rather drunk, stumbling home in time to catch the finish of Stage 1 of the Tour. Valverde is a great bike rider, I don't know if he can perform in the mountains consistently enough to challenge Cadel, but I hope he does and we get a great race for the yella. Well it's back to Aus for me tomorrow, time to go pack the Roubaix and prepare to get up at 4am to get my flight...that's gonna hurt.

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