Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tipped off

For some strange reason I had the idea that it would be good to ride the Tip Track today, and now I know why I hadn't ridden it since the first time; it sucks.
Look at that bastard... it's straight into granny gear at the bottom gate, and some sections I decided that it was just as fast to walk as it was to try and keep the front wheel on the ground and maintain traction with the rear. As I was timing myself I kept slogging away, and from gate to tar at the top it took a hair over 30 minutes. Not too bad, not too good, but I'm in no hurry to try and bring the time down.

At the summit I met Andy from Nottingham, UK, and after a chat while he fixed his puncture, we headed over to Deliverance, using the alternative entrance which is pretty techy and tricky.

Andy rides this sweet Cove Hummer, TI hardtail decked out in Hope bits (brakes, headset, hubs) and a Pace carbon fork.


Anonymous said...

I've run up tip track quicker than that you girl,and im shit at runing.Your mate Andy sounds HOT,bet you did some rumaging around in the bushes with him!
Have a good Xmas
love Lance Armstrong

Anonymous said...

im shit at spelling as well

brettok said...

You're just shit! Have a good xmas mate, enjoy the heat and hope your house doesn't burn down.