Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nothing to see here (2)

For the second week running, no 'underground super d' race was held, this time not from Makara Peak to Karori Park. I didn't decide to have a ride this week, and didn't get any pictures again. Here they aren't.

There was no wind to speak of at the top, so huddling behind a concrete bunker wasn't necessary.

Tryfan didn't ride first to record the times at the bottom.

That's not Karori Park down there... between 10 and 12 minutes wasn't the time it took to get down.

Not a very inspiring view, eh?

Aidan who? Why does no-one think of him?

Big Canadians still not spotted.

Just a bunch of tourists checking out the view.

Hadley not putting the power down off the line.

Jim's legs weren't spinning at 230 rpm on his SS in the sprint to the line.

This little kid didn't kick that big guy's arse in the sprint either.

Not the reason we all turned up to 'race'.

Don't know what the hell that is all about... etchings maybe?


Flametop59 said...

I had to not comment but it is too bad that you are not riding your mountain bike on Wednesday evenings in the summer. It probably would not be any fun.

brettok said...

yeah na it wouldn't....

Anonymous said...

how come you dont race down the hill ????

why not race up the hill, just to be not different ??


(wasn't my idea !! dont blame me.)

kman said...

Freaks go up -legends go down -not that anyone was riding