Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Race of the Dead

Underground Super D 3 was (yes, was, I can't do the clandestine thing anymore) a spirited affair, starting at the top of Johnson's Hill, and finishing in the cemetery at the bottom, in the dead centre of Wilton.

Drake, downhill dog extrordinaire. He put in a pretty good time too, beating most of the field (following Hadley will do that).

Downhillers love a climb....

Much worse carrying bikes up this than riding back down it.

Stairs not enough challenge? Chuck in a fence for good measure.

Who said these races were pointless?

Caleb had to get home before his wife put him in an early grave.

Hadley was cruising down the tar, saw the camera and deployed the 'attack position'.

Ghost on the machine. Aidan got spooked on the next corner and almost ended up eating tombstone.

Ricky imitating Hadley. Not quite well enough though, but still good for second.

Paul took the wrong line down this section, completely stuffing up my photo opportunity... thanks Paul.

I got a "cheers mate" from this guy, probably sarcastically after blinding him with flash.

Mike The Hippy buries it into a corner.

Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! The 'Mexican Tui' was mostly neglected in favour of the Belgian brew, not surprisingly.


one_uknw said...

Very comprehensive Brett. However despite getting "spooked" on that corner, I still managed to beat you ;)

brettok said...

yes, somehow I forgot to mention that....