Monday, December 03, 2007

The finishing touches

My Stumpy is pretty well loaded now, adorned with XTR, XO and the best bits from Ritchey, DT and Specialized. But there were still some areas which could be 'enhanced' so here are the latest additions to the best bike I've ever owned.

Fraser (Avanti rep) slipped me these XTR skewers, they saved the massive amount of ONE GRAM! but look so good.

Specialized Phenom saddle saved me about 40g's, and it's more comfortable than it looks.

Ah, the king of bling, Chris King headset. I've been meaning to get one of these for years, and finally I ponied up for one from Hillman, the rep with the best man-hugs going. Allegedly.

Josh kindly donated this Salsa Flip-off seatpost QR, replacing the clunky and not very-well-functioning Specialized one that came standard. Josh also just pointed out that I haven't ridden the bike since the headset, skewers and QR went on, so it's off for a suffer-session up the Tip Track this afternoon.

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