Thursday, November 29, 2007

The 'yeah na race'..

A flyer which may or may not have landed in my inbox a couple of days ago may or may not have purported to a 'race' that probably didn't happen yesterday at somewhere which wasn't the Wind Turbine. As I am not writing an article for SPOKE, I won't post any pictures or commentary on here. Please DO NOT VIEW these photos, and be sure not to read the next issue of that magazine I didn't mention. None of the identities of these 'participants' have been changed because technically, they do not exist.

Some guy doesn't point to where the course doesn't go.

Not the start area. Not a wind turbine either.

Caleb didn't show up.

Car Parts wasn't used in the course.

Not from Germany.

Aidan wasn't even thought of by anyone.

Hadley didn't set the fastest time.

Josh didn't look stylish... no, seriously.

There were no big Canadians in attendance.

No dreadlocks allowed either.

This guy had nothing to do with 'organising' the 'race'.

No beer was consumed in the street where the 'race' finished.

Timekeeping? Results? You've got to be joking...


A non-racer said...

Good job no-one took any photos.

brettok said...

yeah, I didn't see a guy without a camera there...

Jim said...

I think it must have been your imagination playing tricks. No one would ever do such a thing as orginise a race like this.

brettok said...

I can't even read those comments...

Anonymous said...

Don't get it?