Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Resurrection

After suggesting to my old man that I might want to do this to his old Speedwell, he got the better (in his opinion!) idea to restore the old girl (the bike, not mum) to it's original glory. So for the last couple of months he's been stripping (well, he had to get the money for the project somehow), sanding, procuring some parts from the mad Frenchman Maurice, and getting said parts re-chromed. And the results are impressive... check it out.
His panelbeating mate Cookie is going to re-spray the frame and rims, and I'll bring you the end result when Cookie gets his finger out and Levi builds the wheels. Then I'll turn it into a fixie!


Anonymous said...

My 15 minutes of fame at last! The only part in the photo that I have had to replace is the headstock. All other parts are 1952 original.
I'll give you an upgrade with before and after photos of frame and complete bike when it happens.
Decals are on order this week. I'll turn you in to a pixie before I let you touch my classic Speedwell roadster.
The old man dictating to the old woman.(unrestored)

Flametop59 said...

Now this is a project bike. Functional Art. It will be fun to see what the final results are.