Monday, November 26, 2007

Flight of the Stumpjumpers

A gaggle of geese, a herd of elephants, a flock of seagulls, a stack of Stumpys? That's what we formed on Sunday when Josh, his brother Paul, Markus/Magnus the German and myself got together for an on/off-road jaunt. There rests Magnus and my 07 Experts, Paul's 08 Pro and Josh's heavily tricked out 08 Comp at the summit of Makara Peak.

We met at Josh's place and climbed up through Aro Valley on the tar to the end of the old gold mine trail, and climbed the steep, tight switchbacks. Normally we'd come down this trail, but for some reason Josh thought it'd be a good idea to rip our legs off early. Actually it was a better option than the Rollercoaster which climbs up beside the Karori Sanctuary fenceline.

After taking this snap of the awesome view, the guys sped off down the singletrack, and by the time I got mobile I was left at a trail junction not knowing which way to go. Of course I went the wrong way, which then turned out to be the right way when I realised that I'd gone the wrong way a second time. Eventually I caught up to them at the top of Wright's Hill and the start of the magical Deliverance trail.

Deliverance was the driest I've ever seen it, and made for a fast, technical descent, and I nailed the sections which usually give me trouble.

Magnus decided that he wasn't keen on pitching himself over the bars, and took the foot option.

Paul hurled his 95kg frame down as if he was still riding his DH bike.

Josh, all style on the steeps. He's a better technical rider than me, but I have the edge on flowing, tight singletrack. Makes for some fun duelling.

Josh on the Corkscrew on Vertigo.

It's a really tight turn under the bridge, with an exposed rock surface on the corner and not much headroom (unless you're 5'3"!).

It does my head in, and I'm yet to have a go at it.

There was no way Paul was gonna get his 6'4" (including afro) under there.

Magnus decided that it actually was a good idea to pitch himself over the bars after all, but left it until the home run, on a nasty rocky section along the fenceline. More of a concern was the damage to his derailleur hanger and XO mech...


Markus Stitz said...

Hi Brett,

nice one. Funny that u call me Magnus as well, my English cycle partner used to call me the same (o: Good pics, just started my own blog as well, hopefully find some time 2day to fill it with life. Its

see you at some stage this week, and thanks for fixing my xo


kman said...

looks like a ride made for the new "el mariachi"-got it yesterday -sweeeeet

josh said...

Now we just need to convince Boobah and his brother to come out on their Stumpys. Achtung!

brettok said...

El Mariachi! Bueno! send pics....

Flametop59 said...

Looks like you are all begining to enjoy the nice weather. Who maintains these trails? They look like they are in good condition.

Great pictures.

brettok said...

The trails are maintained by the riders, as part of Makara Peak Supporters Club, on organised trail maintenance days. Plus they are all planned and made properly in the first place, so they drain well and use the terrain to advantage. And they rock!