Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank you and good night

Today sees the end of the NZ Experiment Part One. I fly back to Australia this afternoon for a month to catch up with family, friends and cats n dogs and to celebrate Steve's 40th and Klink's nuptials. And in a role reversal, I'll be riding my singlespeed mtb and my geared road bike while I'm there. The fixie and Stumpy stay here, and I'll probably bring the roady back too for some of the big road events that are on in the next few months. Perfect training for the Mt Vic race and Karapoti. Wellington has certainly got into my blood, and I've made some great friends with whom I've drank some great beers in some cool bars. The riding has been top-notch too, but I want to do so much more and the summer looks to be promising for that. On Wednesday night I took my last spin around Makara, and a good bunch turned out, including Josh, his brother Paul, Amy and Clare, Hadley, and a couple of others whose names escape me. It was well windy up on the Peak, so Ridgeline was avoided and I got to ride Aratihi in reverse for the first time. Ridgeline Extension and Swigg/Starfish just rock so hard that the smiles take awhile to dissipate after finishing up the ride. Thursday evening was drinks for Josh finishing up at Crankworks before coming back to On Yer Bike, and Friday was my little gathering, my last 'Friday Brews' for now. We've been organisind after work drinks on Fridays for about six weeks now, with the aim to try a different bar each week. So far we've done the Bristol, Bar Bodega, Perret's Corner, Tupelo, and Hope Bros the last two weeks. thanks to Karen for picking Mike and I up at all hours of the night... I've got a plane to catch, I'll see you in Oz.

How did I miss this band first time around? I heard them on late night Alt Tv a few weeks back, but they no longer exist. Who said Swedes can't rock?


Anonymous said...

You too can sound like James listening to that fully sick stuff. I played it to you in the lunch room once two years ago you twat, you said it sounded 'so New York'.

Come for a ride tomorrow (tue) morning ten am Gun Club Road?


Anonymous said...

If its windy,raining,sunny,or cold he might not turn up.Brett talks about going out riding a lot but doesn't actually do much!He's always too busy entertaining young men!

Anonymous said...

He did actually come out, you know!