Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I do like to be beside the seaside

I've swapped cool, windy bays for warm, windy beaches, and fixed gear/dually for road bike/singlespeed in the last week. Kicked off last week with a Glenrock session with Col and Christian (photos still on computer getting fixed). Then a couple of solo road rides and another Glenrock SS bash with Steve. I regrettably blew Johnny K off on Sunday after a night on the tiles for Steve's 40th. And he had his new Stumpy out for it's maiden voyage, so I missed out on that too. Sounds like he loves the bike though (but not me!).
Col had told me last week that he was "tapering" for the Club Championships on Sunday. All for this....
That's what you get for looking-behind-for-Scotty-who-isn't-there-while-battling-for-6th-place-in-B-grade...no respect for yourself Col.

Swansea Heads. Sometimes you can see dolphins from here. Not this day, just a heap of ships waiting to get into Newcastle harbour.

Heading down the hill towards Caves Beach. It's hard trying to take a pic at 45kmh, getting the camera out of the jersey pocket... by the time you've done that, the scenery has passed you by. I need a smaller camera.

Col's Tarmac looking over Caves Beach, towards the north. A seagull is fascinated by the amount of crap hanging from the handlebar, especially the string.

And south towards Pinney Beach, the old breakwall, and further on to Catherine Hill Bay.

Gratuitous arse shot of Col. He's got the lucky socks on too....

Our nemesis. Usually gives us a good going over, but couldn't be coaxed down for a photo, not even when I made Col ride underneath to induce an attack. Never work with kids and animals... or Col.

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