Friday, September 28, 2007

Buck's ride

After my no-show for last Sunday's ride with Klink, a Friday morning G'rock blast was inked in and deployed for a 9am start. As the poor fella was getting married the next day, it was his last chance to ride as a free man (but not like Adam Freeman, who the grapevine tells me doesn't ride now? And is a pro wrestler in San Salvador? Freemo?). Tomkinson pedalled up in his ubiquitously languid manner, astride a new Yeti ARC hardtail... nice. Klink rolled up a bit later with the back of his van filled with new Stumpy goodness. Me and the Tomk tried to ignore the new bling for as long as we could, but it was just too new and, under the dirt, shiny to resist for any substantial amount of time, and Tomky cracked first and started to run his finger suggestively along the top tube and... um, where was I? Oh yeah, riding bikes.

The rundown (from top): Klink catches the 10.15 to good times ('Bus Stop').

Tomky uses his 'charms' (snake sunning itself on 'Shit Happens').
OK and Tomk in the undergrowth of 'Little Borneo'.
Klink leads Tomk up 'Shaft', as painful as it sounds when you're on a singlespeed.

Two ways to get around a switchback (JK and OK, 'Bus Stop').

We got a good loop in of the 'rock and it was a good little send off for Johnny before his big day. The wedding went really well, although a 9am start time? Could've been out riding mate! But a good time was had by all, congratulations Klink and Elissa, enjoy Hawaii and thanks for all the beer!


Anonymous said...

Hey Klink... congrats. Hope you and the Stumpy are really happy together.... er...... you and Elissa.

(seriously. Congrats and all the best to you and Elissa.)


Anonymous said...

Bet you and the boys got in the back of Klinks van after for one last session of man love!!! Yeah!!

Flametop59 said...

When my sister got married we all went and played 18 holes of golf in the morning. The group included my new brother in-law (the ring leader), his dad, my dad, one of my uncles, one of my cousins and myself. This really set the tone for what the marriage was going be like.

Josh said...

That comment posted under "anonymous" above has got to be the Illingworth... or someone equally deeply frustrated with their buried homosexual inclinations, if such a thing were possible...

Anonymous said...

No way,its not.Who is Illingworth?Bretts in denial,he keeps deleting my stuff just in case his mum find out he's a sausage jockey!!

Owen said...

na can't be Illington, spelling is way too good, unless Ann spell checked it for him