Monday, May 07, 2007

Matt's Mechanical Pearls of Wisdom, Pt 1

He may be able to ride a bike (Olympian, pro roadie in former lives), but Matt is a self-confessed hubbard when it comes to anything remotely mechanical.
So I give you a new blog feature, 'Matt's Mechanical Pearls of Wisdom.' Matt says "I think this bike needs a bashguard!"

Here's today's advice on disc brake pad wear.

Customer: "How far can you wear down your disc pads?"

Matt: "When sparks fly out, that's too far..."

Good advice kiddies.

Stay tuned for more gems from the big Pommy git.


k man said...

So when people say to me "man , you was moving so fast there were sparks flying out your ass" - maybe I should check my brake pads.

k man said...

Matty , I can't fix my own steed ,but luckily Bretty was the "only mechanic in the village".
He used to wear funny lycra outfits at the local pub as he tried to chat up the resident lesbian, Myfannwee.

k man said...

Tech Tip -for a lightweight bashguard for your bike just file down the teeth on the big ring.

Matt the Pommy git said...

Whats a bashguard? is it like a bouncer?

k man said...

yep , a rock bouncer