Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For no good reason...

...other than I have a few more pics of the weekend.

The signs are good, when they are for trails... especially the ones that say "No horses, MTB Only". Glenrock needs lots of these....

Belting down Chestnut, one of the best trails at Vegas. Superfunflowtatsic!

Jackie exiting the upper section of Gunna Gotta, the first trail we hit. Superfuntechytastic!

The Desert Road was like this on the way home, then suddenly broke into brilliant sunshine.

I just like looking at my bike, especially the XTR cranks and rotors.... oh baby.


Anonymous said...

hey mate

man that bike looks the goods aye !!!


k man said...

nearly as good as a goose - 2nd best bike in the world