Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike business is thrill-a-minute!

Today was going along pretty quietly, a tube here, a jersey there. Then all hell broke loose. Well, it broke loose slowly and then built up to a crescendo of grappling and upturned couches and broken pot plants.
A dude had lay-byed a bike back in August 06. He came in today and saw the same bike reduced by $200, and wanted his at the same price. After a call to Nigel, Matt explained that it couldn't be done, especially as the 3 month lay-by period had well and truly expired. The dude asked for his money back, which was fine, less the 10% cancellation fee. Off he went.
An hour later he's back in the store demanding the rest of the money. Matt told him the same story, come back tomorrow to speak to Nigel. The dude refused to leave, so security was called. The guard reitereated the situation, then the argy-bargy started. An artists impression of the shop scuffle... Matt on top.
Push and shove became grappling became a threat of "I'll kill you!", eventually ending up on the couch with the dude on top of the guard. The guard was crap, basically. Matt saw that he was crap, and in one fell motion had the dude off the guard and on the lounge before he could say "triathletes are gay". The cops arrived at that point and took the dude away.
Who said selling bikes was boring? (Might've been me.)


k man said...

he must have thought that with $200 he could get two MONGEESE

brettok said...

or maybe he could just set fire to the money and not 'ave a mong-oooose

Anonymous said...

still sounds like a regular day in maitland