Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ay Up Mt. Vic!

It was a night of firsts for me last night. First ride testing the Ay-Ups and my first ever ride on Mt. Victoria, host of a round of the '98 World Cup (Cadel won) and several National XC races. Marty was my guide, and we left from his place in Melrose, an area of Wellington I never knew existed. You drive through the grungy inner-city suburb of Newtown (just like Newtown in Sydney) and suddenly you're in an almost semi-rural setting, with views back over Lyall Bay and the Cook Strait towards the South Island. Pretty cool. We rode over Mt. Albert, through some parks, down sets of stairs with tight switchbacks, up roads and finally on to Vic. Some nice singletrack up there, lots of roots, pine needles, some steep bits, made all the more fun with the darkness and my unfamiliarity. The lights are pretty damn cool too, almost as bright as my HID's, but so much more compact and lightweight. The only negative is the beam pattern is a spot more than a flood like the HID's. My eyes took a little bit of getting used to that, but they could be good when adjusted properly. Will be giving them another run tonight.

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