Thursday, April 13, 2006

It ain't so bad...

So after getting home, it was back into the routine of a Monday road ride, which was a good blast after two weeks on the MTB. Felt pretty strong and the skinny tyres on pavement was something I really missed. Maybe the road is where it's at for me....nah! I need both disciplines to keep things interesting, and I have the passion for railling a sweet singletrack, or drafting a truck at 60kmh.
Yesterday afternoon I got out the ol' singlespeed, and headed up to Glenrock with Tomkinson. The thing I noticed the most after NZ was how dry the dirt is here at the moment (it's just started raining now), and the poorly designed/built trails. Ruts down the centre, bad cambering in the corners, no real flow. But they're still a lot of fun to ride. With a bit of TLC and some minor modifications, I think Glenrock could be a great place to ride. I mean, it already is, it just could be so much better. Yeah, I've been spoiled, but I'll get over it. Maybe. Riding the SS for the first time in a while too was an experience. Made me realise just how good rear suspension is, and that gears can be quite handy too! But there's a twisted sense of accomplishment and well-being that emanates from grinding up loose pitches at a snail's pace, desperate for traction, or spinning so fast that you think your legs are gonna wind themselves off at the hips. And the bike just looks so uncluttered, simple and functional. I just wouldn't want to be riding it all the time.

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