Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mon Ganso

Mongoose. The name conjurs different things to different people. BMX rats love them, MTBers have always been a bit leery. I was always in the latter camp, being unimpressed by their bikes for the last few years. Last visit I rode a Canaan Team, and was somewhat underwhelmed. So when K-man offered me the use of a Teocali Super, I was a little apprehensive to take it up; but as there was only a singlespeed as the other option, and with my fitness below par, I was soon loading it into the old Peugeot. In rather than on, as the 15QR fork was incompatible with my roof racks. Before I'd even wheeled it out of the shop, I managed to snap off the remote lever for the adjustabe seatpost. The Mongoose quality had me wondering if It'd make it back to the shop in one piece. But once I got it into Glenrock, all my pre-conceptions were quickly dispelled. This is a good bike. I had a blast, railing through the newly bermed corners on BJ's Surprise, dropping over ledges and roots, and it even climbed up Log On/Log Off fairly well, except for the tall fork wanting to reach for the sky a bit. I noticed the extra heft over my Stumpy on the climbs, but other than that, it's a bike that I'd be happy to own, if only it wasn't so ugly. Thanks to Mick at Gateshead Cycles for the loan, I'll get it back to you eventually, as soon as I clean it (and the after-ride glow wears off.)

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