Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First and last

Before I managed to put myself out of action in the first week of my holiday, me and the Kman took a trip out to Awaba to ride the new (to me) trails that have been built by the local club. It would be the last ride for Kedan's Intense 5.5, as his new Tracer frame was waiting in the wings. More on that soon. The Awaba trails are nestled at the foot of the Watagan Mountains, and it's a fair hike to get out there. Not what I had in mind when I envisiged 'Awaba'. I was hoping it was worth it. It was. The trails are cool. 100% singletrack, twisty, up and down, and more fun the faster you ride them. There's only about 6km of track built so far, but there's a lot of potential there for a cool network to sprout. It's just a pity it's so bloody far to drive to, and hopefully the scourge of motocross bikes doesn't get wind of the place and start digging trenches a la Killy. Check out this cool footage from Dan, notorious metalhead SS'er.

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