Friday, July 10, 2009


It's funny how when you are away from your home-town for a long time, that everyone wants to catch up with you when you return. It's not a bad thing, but when you are on limited time, it's hard to squeeze in a ride/beer/chat with all and sundry. But I try. Today was the turn of Freemo, Australia's lankiest Nick Cave-impersonating mountain biking drummer. I'm sure he's had a growth spurt, or maybe I'm shrinking; that happens as you get older, doesn't it? We met up at Glenrock, and both made it clear to each other that under normal circumstances we wouldn't be riding after the overnight rain we had. But time's of the essence, right? Freemo unloaded his singlespeed from some sort of pre-mid-life crisis sports-type car (well, a Honda) and I knew I'd be in for some pain. Luckily he's been only back on the bike for a few weeks, but I was still in for some pain. Crash-induced pain, as it turned out. I hooked my bars on some Bitou Bush at the top of Bus Stop, launching me over the front before being crushed by the cartwheeling heft of the Mongoose coming over the top. Feels like I've cracked a rib, but Freemo's expert analysis was that I haven't. Still managed to get a good ride in though, slippin and slidin around the 'rock for a couple of hours. Thanks Freemo, next week I'll even it up (I'll ride my SS, you break a rib).

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