Thursday, June 11, 2009

I tips me hat...

Riding up the Tip Track is hard enough; racing up it is, um, not for me. It's for the masochists who did the Hawkins Hill Climb Challenge last weekend, like Josh and Marjolein. Not necessarily any more sane were Bella, Freda and myself who braved the wind, rain and cold to goad the suffering.
Stu Houltham turned up and set a new record of under 24 minutes. That's with a kilometre of road to get to the TT, then some more road after it gets to the top. That's quicker than I can do the TT on its own.

Josh wasn't far behind and finished fourth, like all good Kiwis do. He did win his age group though. Here he checks out the short shorts/boxer brief combo sported by Marco, who he just accidently called 'madam'. As in "excuse me madam, may I make a pass?"

What's it all about? Runners vs roadies vs MTBers, mass start on the coast, up the road for a km, MTB and runners turn up the TT, while roadies continue up some pretty steep tarmac. Fastest wins. Everybody hurts.

On Yer Bike's own Marj has been on fire lately, winning the Grand Traverse, Crazyman and she did a job on Melissa Moon up the TT. Who's she? Oh, only a two-time World mountain running champion. Under 30 minutes, on foot.

Did I mention it was a bit cold up there? Maybe if Josh had a lighter bike, a hardtail even, he would've gone better. What's that? Watch this space...

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