Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Darkness

It's descended on Josh. He'd been murmuring about getting a hardtail for months, throwing up pros and cons on a daily basis, before deciding to stick with the squish. I knew it wouldn't last; after all, he'd had the Turner for a year, which in itself is some kind of record. Then a couple of weeks ago I walked into work to see a stripped Flux in the stand. "Where is it?" I knew what was going down. And here it is. 10kg of carbon goodness, all dressed up with no race to go to. Pure stealth. Black as the ace of spades. Someone called it the Grim Reaper. The Turner took it's place in the shop, looking for a new home. After one ride on The Darkness, the Turner wasn't going anywhere. For some reason that has bemused all who sight it, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy were enlisted for the makeover, and pink cables were palped, making it a bike only Josh could love. Until today. It's back on TradeMe, but where's The Darkness?

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Mike and Karen said...

Hmmmmm Carbon.