Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get outa town: The EGE pt2

Napier or Taupo? Taupo or Napier? The half-price shopper docket won out and Taupo it was. It's a shit town that one. Shoulda gone to Napier. Oh well, at least the forecast was good. But guess what, the weather turned out to be shithouse.
But we wanted to ride, and a new trail called W2K was on the agenda. After passing the turnoff and subsequently cursing the Kennett's book, we finally found the start of the trail and trundled off into the rain.
It made a nice change from Craters Of The Moon, which while the name fascinated Steve, the prospect of riding the trails themselves bored me. W2K was pretty standard fare, a twisty, smooth 14km out-and-back singletrack meandering along and above the lake, which would have looked pretty spectacular had we been able to see it.
We turned around at the halfway point, before the reputed 6km downhill, which we figured would be a 6km uphill on the way back. The rain wasn't easing up and a beer in the spa seemed a better option.
I presented a demonstration of the fine Kiwi tradition of bike-wrangling a sheep, which I assured Steve was compulsory at the conclusion of any ride undertaken in the rain beside a lake. I don't think it washed....
At least Steve did though, and the warm lake water and misty backdrop made for a cool bike-wash station. Can sheep shit kill fish?
There was only one thing to do... follow our noses.

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Josh said...

Sounds like that was a well deserved beer in the spa together. Hope you boys are playing safe up there.