Sunday, March 22, 2009

EGE4: Out and back

At last, it was time for some real riding. Two days in Vegas, the first with a little bit of a slick coating on the trails, the second perfect, tacky ribbons of singletrack with an extra topping of flow.
Our digs for the first two nights was bike-friendly, cheap, and right across the road from the bottlo. Perfect.

Wow, Steve looks like he's going really fast. He wasn't.

If only there was a shock pump and spoke key. The tool rack at the top of Billy T is a cool feature, and map boards are all over the forest now.

Steve managed to find the only stick on Split Enz, the smoothest, most stick-free trail in the Southern Hemisphere. Really.

Day two we decided to go to the top of the park and check out Tuhoto Ariki, a technical trail known to be a bit boggy after rain. It was a bit, but it's still my favourite trail in the forest.

Roots, rocks, logs and twisty turns dominate. It keeps you on your toes, and when followed up with Split Enz, well it's the icing on the cake.

If you eat these mushys, the roots become snakes and the trees talk to you.

The trusty Laser hotfooted us away from Vegas, with a detour up Mt. Ruapehu on the way.

Lunch on the back of the Laser was popular with the locals.

Steve managed to find the only loose rock on the mountain known as the most stable of rock in the Southern Hemisphere, ending up on his arse but breaking his fall with my camera.

And then.... we were back in Welly. How could we tell?

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Sweet pics! Wowzers! :)