Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm not backwards in coming forwards in the fact that I can't stomach The Shaman Pharmstrong. You'd have to have been living under a rock to not realise that.

So I was more than a little peeved to see that he planned to commence his money-spinning mission, er, I mean comeback, at the Tour Down Under in January. But it looks like we might be able to keep our race unadultarated because of the UCI's anti-doping rules which state that a rider making a feeble attempt to 'clear' his name, er, I mean comeback, has to be registered in their testing program for the 6 months prior to their publicity stunt, er, I mean comeback.
I'm not alone in my distaste for Pharmstrong's pathetic attempt at false credibility, er, I mean comeback. Here's some Words Of Wisdom From Other Blogs courtesy of the always entertaining Drunk Cyclist...

"There has been a lot of talk, on this site and others, about Lance Armstrong’s return to the pro peloton, his “transparent’ comeback, and what it will prove.

It will prove nothing.

The problem is this: testing Mr. Armstrong heavily during his comeback will not, does not, and cannot answer the question at hand - did he dope? It is a logical fallacy to test him in 2009, not find evidence of doping, and proclaim he has been clean throughout his entire career.

If I go into a Basha’s supermarket tomorrow and walk out with nothing other than the merchandise I paid for at the cash register, it does not mean I have never shoplifted from that store at any point in my life. I could have stolen something last week. Or, at some point today. It would demonstrate only that I did not steal on that particular visit to that particular store.

Mr. Armstrong’s openness to testing during his ‘09 comeback does not answer the question of his 1999 Tour performance against a doped field with blood later shown [with modern testing] to indicate the use of EPO. It does not answer the question of his association with Michele Ferrari. It does not answer the question of his teammates on Motorola & US Postal admitting their own EPO use. In short, it doesn’t answer any of the relevant questions surrounding Mr. Armstrong’s cycling career.

It can only show, at best, that he ran it clean for a few months in 2009 when his best years were far behind him."

And here's the inimitable BikeSnobNYC's take on Pharmstrong's 'performance' at CrossVegas last week.


Flametop59 said...

Stop the hate. Can't we all just get along?

It is starting to be like pro wrestling. I heard that Vince McMahon is going to buy the Tour de France. Rick Flair is going to be in charge of competition.

SlackBoy said...

Have you noticed that the less you eat meat, the more scathing and hating you get.
Promote peace man, eat a steak

Flametop59 said...

And now Vino wants to come back to Astana.

brettok said...

I'm actually less hateful now!