Thursday, September 04, 2008

WOWFOB 3... wheelin and dealin

What is it about a bike shop that implores customers to believe it is their God-given right to ask for, or even demand, a discount on their purchase? It's frustrating to be put in such a position constantly. I'd feel embarrassed if I got to the supermarket checkout and profered "can you chuck in the milk for free?" or "how about a dollar off the bread?"... "any better price for cash? I shop here all the time, I must've bought 200 loaves off you over the years."

Todays Words Of Wisdom From Other Blogs comes from Bike Hugger.

Hi. Thanks for coming into my shop and taking part of the consumer experience. Your disposable income is the sole source of our meager profit margins that support the shop’s overhead and indirectly my income.

What’s that? You’d like to ask me a bunch of questions? Why sure, I’d love to take time away from the other tasks that would have had priority over your whimsical visit, after all, I am a living reference free of charge.

No, no, no, you cannot combine that esoteric and ridiculous component with your current bike without making substantially difficult to explain modifications to the entire system. I am going to explain this to you, so please interrupt me repeatedly.

Pardon me? You know a guy whose friend is a hunchbacked transvestite who used to work on bikes in Walmart…and he/she said it would work? My goodness, then I must be wrong! What qualifications could I possibly have…other than a decade of bike shop employment…to refute such gospel?

Yes, I can get the proper part for this amount of money. Why does it cost so much? I am so glad you asked! Let me take a sip of Pepsi before I explain economic theory, supply/demand, the relationship of production volume and unit cost, the….oh,oh, I see now, that was a rhetorical question! A verbal exercise to inspire an epiphany within me! How thoughtful of you….and here I thought I was the one enlightening you.

Oh, I see where the confusion lies… you were looking at the price in the distributors’s catalog I provided so that you could see a picture of the product. Ah yes, that price is what we in the retail industry call “wholesale”. It’s what we pay, and then we make you pay what is called “retail price”, which is Latin for “it’s how a f$%^%ing store can afford to exist.”

Okay, so for today you will take just these Sidi shoes and a set of Speedplay pedals, and instead will order the part I spent the last 30 minutes explaining from mail order. Splendid!

What’s that? Can you have a “bro deal”? Why yes, since you ask for it like that I would be more than happy to violate the trust of my employer and offer these items to you at a fee that entirely denies my employer of any benefit of the wages they pay me for the time I spent answering your tedious questions. After all, if I get no benefit from this transaction, neither should they. I mean, what are brothers for? I am sure I could go to your dental office next week and ask for a “bro deal” on that root canal and crown…or maybe you work in city development and you could…like develop a…um, road for me…or something.

You know, “Brother”, I don’t really know what it is that you do…but chances are it’s nothing that I can cash in on. But never mind about that. I will offer you it for this price.

Excuse me? Such-and-such-a-company is offering it online for less than my bro deal? Alright, asswipe, I’m gonna call your bluff right now. I know for a fact that you are wrong. You think I don’t know how to use the internet? You think you’re gonna school me on the bicycle industry? Those companies have internet sales agreements, you cannot beat the offer I set in front of you. And when I offer you a bro deal, you may accept or decline, but you better keep your mouth shut unless it is to say “thank you.” One more word, and the price goes back up 10%…..yeah, keep whining…okay, now it’s “full retail” again.

You’re welcome…..”Bro”


Flametop59 said...

Nobody pays retail in New Jersey and New York!

brettok said...

What, for bread and milk?

Flametop59 said...

I think there are folks that even try to get a better price on bread and milk.

Flametop59 said...

Most of the retailers (especially the local electronic dealers) around here all discount right off the bat. The sticker price is always different than what the salesperson tells you. You usually do not even have to ask for a discount.

I would rather not haggle since that takes away from time that I could be riding, bloging and looking for work.

I have been to other cities and the shops have the real price on the sticker. No need to get the Bro Hookup.

brettok said...

Well it just proves that Yanks really do suck!

I had a couple buying bikes yesterday, the bikes they wanted had been discounted $450 and $500 already, and they (well he, she was ok) still asked "any better price for cash?" Um, no.

Flametop59 said...

Around here cash is king. Almost everyone will discount for cash. Especially trademen but even the gas stations are doing it these day (margins on fuel are so tight that the credit card transaction fees eat up a lot of the profits).