Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Say it ain't so

Not content with having ruined the world's greatest sporting event as a spectacle for seven years, the serial blonde-stalking, water wasting, animal-hating asshole The Shaman is rumoured to be returning to throw his weight around in the peleton again next year. And with which team? Well, the one with the best drug program, of course. Geez, why not get Hamilton, Landis, Heras, Basso and all his other doper cronies back as well and form 'Team Top Fuel, Powered by Excuses'. I just threw up in my mouth a little. And I'm not alone.


kman said...

Ahh , the SHAMAN! Amen Bring some life to the tour.I can't wait.With MTB exparience he will be able to cut through a few paddocks,huck the cliff drop and lose those suckers...and Cadel will hang out with the chasers,even with the SHAMAN egging him on with tales of mtb glory -"hit the drop Cadel,you can be me and fly.

brettok said...

The only way Cadel will hit the drop is if he's stuck to the Shaman's wheel and can't see it coming. But there's no way he'll get close to the Shaman's wheel... Cadel is clean, afterall (no way a doped rider could be that slow).