Friday, August 29, 2008

While I'm feeling bookish....

It's great how words can inspire. If the words are pertaining to inspirational people, events or actions, then the inspirometer can sometimes go off the scale. Some may be inspired to levels that could be seen as biting off more than they can chew, or at least finding whatever it is they are chewing quite difficult to swallow. Like eating a dry SAO biscuit; you know it can be done, it looks easy on paper, but once you get started the little bugger starts resisting, and what should've been over without incident is suddenly a struggle against a much tougher opponent than you'd bargained for. The story of Harry Watson, a.k.a. The Mile Eater has potentially caused the 'D.S.E.' (Dry SAO Effect) in the one they call Mini Me. Well I call him that, others aren't so kind. You see, old Harry was a pioneer of road cycling in Aotearoa in the 20's and 30's, when men were men and derailleurs were, well, they weren't. Harry thought nothing of riding his fixie, usually in a gear that Mike couldn't even count to, let alone push up Brooklyn Hill, for hundreds of kilometres on nasty dirt roads over hideous passes, and became the first Kiwi to ride in Le Tour, when the drugs of choice were more social than performance-enhancing. So 160km around Lake Taupo on a fixie (with the luxury of brakes, no less) should be a doddle, right? Cue the sound of teeth gnashing and lips smacking over a claggy paste while hands grasp desperately for a full bidon, legs spinning uncontrollably, begging for the motion to cease for at least one descent. Good luck Mikey.

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