Friday, August 08, 2008

Brew, haha

Some random bits and pieces here... A couple of 'beers of the week', one pretty average, one (as rated on the Josh-ometer) f#*@in awesome! And a couple of weird sightings in the shop.
New Zealand Lager. Well, it's not anywhere as good as it's namesake, but it's not as bad as some others either.

Josh brought back a couple of these little beauties from his dirty weekend in Auckland last week, and I wish he'd brought a slab or two now. It's from a local micro-brewery up there called Sawmill, at a place called Leigh. Never been there myself, but apparently it's a great venue for a dirty weekend, right Josh? (He's so tight-lipped his teeth are showing through the skin.) This is their 12 Gauge Strong Ale, and like a 12 Gauge shotgun, it will blow your head clean orf if not handled carefully. 6.5% of Magnum-like force. Now, did I drink 6, or only 5? Just one actually. Luv-a-leigh.

And then there's the strange things you see in the shop. Can't decide whether you want to ride or play tennis? Why not do both, and carry some other shit while you're at it?

How big is your cycle-computer? ASSIZE! This came with an exercise bike, which are usually ridden by people with asses too big to be shown in lycra in public, so I guess it's an appropriate brand. Gotta love those Asian-English translations.

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