Monday, August 11, 2008

Hairy legs, The Shaman, a Dead Chef and a Dirty Sanchez

A lot going on over the weekend. Saturday was one of the coldest days of the year, hitting a high of 7C! Good day to be working, which I was, and for watching the mens road race at the Olympics. TVNZ's coverage was, as expected, pathetic. So The Minion and I sat in the bowels of work with beer and biscuits and watched it on the interweb. Cancellara is the man as far as I'm concerned. The way he came across to the break in the last km was awesome, but I reckon he should've just kept powering past rather than backing off and getting involved in the sprint. Samuel "dirty" Sanchez was a deserving winner though, Schleck is a class act and Rebellin is a legend who rode a great race too. Oh yeah, even Cadel had a dig on the final climb, but fell back when he stopped to drop his pants and moon a policeman on the side of the road who looked at him funny. Speaking of arsehole roadies, The Shaman had a crack at the Leadville 100 mile mtb race in Colorado, just as another doper did last year, and came away with the same result; first loser. The hairy-legged saviour, Dave Weins took his sixth win in the high-altitude suffer-fest, with The Shaman dropping back when he spotted a scrawny blonde singer/actress clone of his mother on the side of the road. Maybe he is this mystery lover?
Meanwhile, a real ladies man, Isaac Hayes aka The Chef died on the weekend. In his honour "I'm gonna make love to ya woman"...

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