Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mud, beer and YJA's

Maybe not back in the USSR, but I'm back in the YJA, as of Saturday. It's thrill-a-minute, with lots of attempts to wrest the fluoro fleece from each other. Josh spent 3 hours with an escaped mental patient on Monday, ordering her a new carbon road bike, only to have her come in yesterday with a bevy of excuses why she probably won't buy it. People suck. I've been given a set of Look Quartz pedals to do a winter thrash-test on, and so far, yeah na. Not that impressed by their engagement and retention, although their open body gives great mud clearance. They 'look' similar to Time's, but don't have the positive 'click' when clipping in. They are light though. And free. Will probably end up on the Tricross. Or Trade Me! When a lull in the race for the YJA occurs, Josh's mind starts plotting to make me spend money, deciding that my bike just had to have these ODI lock-on grips. Yeah, they do look pretty cool, matching the red of my bike, and they wont slip off like the $10 jobbies that were gracing the bars previously. He also managed to sell me a set of Specialized Storm tyres, which he'd used once and then thrown in his box with the other half dozen or so tyres he's accumulated in his quest for the holy grail of traction. In my quest for the holy grail of beer, I've found this little beauty, Monteith's New Zealand Lager... while not in the same class as Squire's Pilsener (about which I'm drooling,waiting to taste again in a couple of weeks) it's still a nice, crisp, hoppy little number. 5% too, which seems to be the magic number for taste and punch. Perfect as an after-ride or after-donning-a-YJA celebratory tipple.


Flametop59 said...

I almost canceled on my Tarmac. I even drove over to the shop to tell them but I changed my mind and took delivery.

I decided I would rather have a new bike than a new car.

Still not sure if it was the right decision. I feel guilty not riding the Langster.

josh said...

My Tarmac rocks; it's by far the sweetest road bike I've ever owned. My fixie really only get s used for short trips across town now. Don't look won't regret buying it.

lance a said...

i was riding my fixie with 20gears and pedal back brake with front disc the other day,it was wicked,but im thinking of trading it in for a avanti discovery with a flip flop hub for commuting,its gonna be awesome