Saturday, June 14, 2008

Divided he stands

Local mountain bike guru Simon Kennett is about to start one of the toughest races in the MTB world in the next week, the Great Divide race. It's insane. Fully self-supported, no official timing or stages, just get on your bike at the U.S./Canadian border and ride it to the other end of the country to the Mexican border. No phones, no help, just you and some sort of iron will (or brain disorder) that I know I just don't have. I went to his fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, and the magnitude of the ride is unfathomable. I tried to freak him out by asking if he was worried that all the carbon bits (bars, rigid 29er fork, seatpost, cranks, brake levers) were going to fail. It didn't work. He's focused (and mental). Follow his progress on his blog.

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Flametop59 said...

For father's day my daughter gave me the book Bicycling beyond the Divide by Daryl Farmer. I am looking forward to reading it.