Monday, February 04, 2008


The Trust House Tour of Wellington wound up with a criterium in Lambton Quay yesterday, and it was a chance to catch up with Ebo, a mate from Newcastle who was racing.
For the first few laps I was trying to pick him out in the peleton, but couldn't find his diminutive figure or floppy hair. Then I noticed him, in the King Of The Mountains jersey! The little bugger had picked up some points in an early break in the day previous, and got the jersey for his trouble. Nice one Ebo.

The star of the show though was Travis Meyer, an 18 year old Aussie who is already a junior World champion on the track. He was safely in yellow and could've cruised around safely in the pack, but instead decided to smash the field to bits, lapping the entire field bar six!

Kiwi number one Hayden Roulsten was the pre-race favourite, but was blown apart by Meyer on the big climbing stage up Admiral Hill a few days earlier.

Ebo gets touched by an old man, but doesn't seem to mind.

Meyer out front alone and hammering. The crowd were getting right into it, urging him on to catch the last six breakaways, but he ran out of time... the kid's gonna be a star for sure.

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