Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something old, something new, something rekindled, something blue

Much like women, bikes come and go, but with a bit more regularity it seems. But unlike women, bikes can be ridden whenever you want, without complaint, and put away dirty and forgotten until the next time that pleasure is required. I like bikes. There's been a lot going on in my bike world in the last week or so, with a not so old flame being replaced by a newer, slimmer love, and an almost forgotten older flame coming back into my life. Yes, I'm still talking about bikes.

Something old: I really loved this bike. My 07 Stumpy has seen a lot of action on the trails of NZ, bringing me immeasurable pleasure from Welly to Rotorua, Nelson to Craigieburn. For it's final incarnation, I dressed her up in all the brand new bits off my new love and made sure she went to a good home. I'll still get to see her from time to time, and she'll always have a special(ized) place in my heart.

Something new: My new belle, 08 Stumpy. Not that I'm into body image or anything, but dressed in the XTR attire from the ex, she's half a kilo lighter than the old girl, and has sexy curves that I just couldn't resist. And as she was offered to me at a price akin to a street-corner hooker, how could I refuse?

Something rekindled: Back in my life after a year adrift in Aus, my S-Works Tarmac has re-appeared this week and she's still as sexy as ever, even if she's getting on a bit. But I couldn't wait to rip her out of the box and ride her back to my place, where she now waits for my return and some nice, long days in the hills of Wellington, before she too gets the heave-ho for something younger.
Something blue: Oh yeah, Josh has also been spending up, getting himself hooked up with a Turner Flux frame, and is now trying to get it as light as my bike by throwing money at it in huge amounts (Chris King hub, chocolates and flowers).

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