Thursday, February 21, 2008

More new stuff

I've done it again. It's new bike fever here at the moment, with too many good deals to pass up. Only a week after getting my Tarmac over from Aus, I've sold her off and it's in with a new Roubaix Pro. This is the bike for an old guy like me. Higher in the front end for my aching back. A shorter top tube for the same reason. Sad to see the old girl go, but she's gone to a good home and I'll still get to see her on weekends.
I swapped out the white bar tape for black, and am contemplating whether to swap the saddle for black as well. There's rules, you know. It also came with red-striped tyres, which were immediately removed and sent to TradeMe.

Check out that baby. Carbon cranks with integrated bottom bracket, which apparently saves weight (and everyone knows how obsessed with that I am!). The compact chainrings also help a weak old man, but a 34/28 low gear? The cassette was swapped out for the 25 off the Tarmac, which is plenty low enough to get up most of the hills in Welly.

My first taste of Dura Ace. Well, if I've got XTR all over my mountain bike, why the hell not? The brakes and front derailleur are Ultegra though, but that can be remedied! The wheels are pretty sweet Roval Fusee's, they don't have gold spokes, but they do have a splash of red which suits the bike better than the gold bling anyway. Me happy.


kman said...

intense white -nice
new super d format -roubaix up ,nomad down -yeah baby

brettok said...

Your Intense is 'Roubaix white".... and boy does it go up well.

Flametop59 said...

Looks like the Langster is going to get left behind now.

Once you get gears you go soft!!

I am just jealous though since I have my on several new road bikes but just cannot pull the trigger.

How is the weather in New Zealand?

brettok said...

The Langster is still in the picture, it'll never get left behind. Weather here has been great, warm but not scorching, perfect for riding.

Anonymous said...

Be warned. The '52 Speedwell is nearly ready for the road. You guys had better sharpen up those Turner Fluxes and '08 Roubaix's. Who needs carbon cranks and Chris King hubs when you can have Australux cranks and a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub?
I wonder where the Roubaix and Turners will be in another 56 years?
Probably rotting hulks in Welly landfill.

brettok said...

Geez, them's fightin words!

I think your Speedwell needs a set of gold DT wheels to finish it off, I know where you can pick up a set fairly cheap....

Oh, and in 56 years I think we'll all be rotting landfill.

Anonymous said...

Not if you live as long as your Grandma.